Avatar award unlocker issue

i have noticed an issue when trying to use the avatar award unlocker i have attached a picture that might help shed some light on the situation…

Your best bet is to delete your profile from your console and sign in again.

i have already done that have also resorted to testing it on a different profile to see the outcome but still the same error but achievement unlocker works perfectly everything is generally perfect other than the annoying error on the avatar award unlocker i will try it with a standard xbox profile without the xbox live account and see what it says

Okay, let me know if that works. Backup the profile just in case.

ok i have managed to find the issue the avatar award unlocker seems to only work with xbox profiles that have a xbox live account linked to them if it is just a standard profile from the xbox console the program comes up with that error message then crashes you end up having to close the horizon program and re open it apparently there are two types of profiles you can have on an xbox 360 one that uses an xbox live account that is most common and the other is more of an offline version that only gives you access to that games console.

the program works perfectly with my xbox live profile but doesn’t whant to know about the offline profile when it regards the avatar award unlocker…