Avatar Items Downloader Will be Appreciated ;)


I know there are already tools to get items for free for your xbox avatar. And if one of these tools were added in Horizon I have would be very grateful. Thanks a lot!


There is an avatar award unlocker. As of right now I do not think the devs can’t or wont add an unlocker for all avatar items, because if they do add it, they could get sued by so many companies for all sorts of things and horizon could get shut down for good.

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The award unlocker is the only tool that will work on a retail console. You will need a jtag/rgh to download items off xbox store and use them on your console. Not on my pc atm so I can’t give you the program name, not sure what it’s called. It also changes the Xuid so it matches your profile.

I know what tools exists… And I already used in my profile… not jtag/rgh… legit changes and if Horizon put this I will really like it :smile:

Hello there,

Avatar items are profile-specific, you need to obtain the license for the item which is automatically done when you hit “Download” / “Purchase” on the item in the Avatar Item Marketplace.

The Award Unlocker simply tricks the profile into thinking you’ve completed said objective, thus unlocking it.

There is no way, on a retail console, to obtain items through downloads. The method you’re thinking is through a JTAG/RGH which the Horizon Development Team will not implement JTAG/RGH tools into Horizon, only retail modifications.