Avatar items on another account?

Is it possible to move my avatar items from one account to another? I saw a video on YouTube but I’m not sure if it’s legit…
Thanks :smiley:

You would need to licence transfer all of the stuff you want from one account to the other.

So yes.


Is there a way I can do it without licence transfer?

Umm, I am not sure, I think but I cannot think of it off the top of my head.

Just look it up on Google.

You will probably find it there.

Nope. It’s signed to ONE Xbox Live account - And not possible to use a licence transfer to get avatar items. Trust me.

there is one thing use a jtag

Yes it is. When you purchase an avatar item, it goes to your DL history, so when you transfer, you can transfer any DL.

You sure about this?
I’ve purchased many 10k MSP accounts, licence transfered to my Xbox, and then purchased a couple shirts/avatar props and they did not carry over to my other accounts - Only the account that purchased it… O_o

Nope avatar items can only be used on the account you bought it on.

So the ony option would to buy them again?

Try to licence transfer if it aint going to hurt anyone, but I believe I’ve tried many times and the avatar items did not carry over.
Maybe Xbox just hates me.

Yes you will since they get locked and assigned to your account and your account only.

This is 100% correct as I tried and spent an hour on the phone with support trying to get them to do it.

i got banned on my other account and want to transfer of to my new account on the same xbox HOW?

To all the people mentioning license transfers, that is for consoles, not content. Whatever account you bought the item on will be the only one able to use it.