Avatar Profile Switch

Is it possible to change the ownership of an avatar item? I have one on another account that you can’t get anymore and I really wish for it back.

I think you can extract the avatar asset from the other profile and inject it into the new one. This is inside the profile package, but Horizon is currently unable to do this.

Thanks, could also you set a horizon modded theme or gamer picture package to a specific account and make that account own it as if it was bought off the marketplace?

Will it soon be able to?

Sorry for the thread necro, but can we actually do this now? I see four asset packages in my banned profile’s file hierarchy. Can I just inject those four files into my new profile and get all of my clothes back?

Why not give it a shot and see what happens? Just make sure to keep backups incase you would screw something up.

I have literally tried every single thing I could think of with no success. I did everything possible I could imagine and I couldn’t get it to work. Let us all know if you’re successful :slight_smile:

I’m not a programmer but if you send me the profile file I will see if I can figure something out.

Going to tag four reputable people, maybe they know if this is possible.

@frank @unknown_v2 @Chris @SteveWonda

Adding the asset files to the profile didn’t work and nothing changed. Opening the files with HxD confirmed that it’s just the additional content the character has on. My other profile has the extra assets stored within the profile because of the DLC it has on, but my generic profile had nothing because its features were derived from the default Avatar Store content. Maybe we’d need to edit the Avatar Store instead of the files?

You’d think it would be as easy as re-signing the content to a different profile, but apparently it references the MS database against what your avatar can wear? All I know is that I was disappointed.

Ya I found that out the hard haha, after many hours. We’ll see till someone manages to crack the code or a new feature is out.

So re-assigning Avatar items by changing the ids (like you do with saves) corrupts the file. I assume that a special tool/feature will have to be made in-order to edit the ownership. There is also the chance that paid avatar items requires a license (like with games and such), then retail is screwed.

You can extract an avatar asset and put it in the avatar items folder though, just won’t be usable for other profiles.