Avermedia Capture Card HD - Christmas Giveaway

Giving away an Avermedia HD capture card. I used it on my RGH to record some gameplays. Now it is collecting dust in my wardrobe.

FREE P+P around the world. I will need your address (obviously). Requirements are high ish cause I don’t want a new comer getting it. Active members deserve it.

Check it out on Amazon if you aren’t sure what it is like.

End on Christmas day.

Winner will be sent it a few days after Christmas. Be patient for it if you are from across the pond.



Open Me

Entered. Thanks D. Horne!

Thanks for the giveaway man! Happy holidays!

Awesome giveaway man! My son has been bugging me to get one for awhile now, so lets hope I win.

Thanks Horney, and Happy holidays to all.

Awesome giveaway. Thanks man!

Thanks for this, someone will love it! Dont meet the requirements, but i dont need it as im happy with my Avermedia Live Gamer HD PCIe. Good luck everyone!

Sick giveaway thank you so much man!

Entered thanks

Thanks for this IHorney89 !

nice giveaway!

Alright, no one else enter ok!? I want to win this! I see my chances getting smaller and smaller with each entry…

Entered! Thanks bro!

Thank you for the Giveaway IHorney89!
Best of luck to all who enter and Happy Holidays!

Mad do I wish I had 250 thanks :anguished:

Five days left

Entered, thanks!

brilliant giveaway Horney mate,
most definently entering.
good luck to everyone who enters and have a good christmas :thumbsup:

why i can not enter ? how meny thank do i need ?

500 posts, 250 thanks.

Entered thanks for the giveaway!