AVG keeps warning me about Horizon when installing

Which scares me, I uncheck all the options for toolbars etc, am I looking in the wrong place for my download?

Horizon is completely fine, it’s just the stuff bundled with it that AVG is reporting. Try this download here :smile:

Where do I download it from without the add ons?

The link didn’t work

Are you sure? The link I provided you is the update installer, not the actual installer.

Try uninstalling Horizon and then download from [u]here[/u] again

I never got as far as installing it, the warnings put me off, but my son is doing my bloody head in with these minecraft maps, just want to ensure I don’t jeopardise my laptop.

It’s safe, don’t worry. I have a young son who’s always bugging me to put minecraft maps on for him too.
Use Raptors link or click the “Download Horizon” button in my sig.

Epic, cheers guys, just got to figure out how to do the maps now!

Awesome man! Hope your son enjoys the maps!