AW Clan

If anyone needs a Xbox clan hit me up nothing fancy :laughing:. Has four members and just won Platinum Clan Wars. Anyone can join and I’m always going to be active in Clan Wars to try to win more.

are there any specific things the person needs

Not really anyone can join.

Sent an invite. If you have friends that want to join you can invite them since members can invite also :smile:. Not sure how rewards work but if you happen to unlock Centurion Exo then it would be from winning the clan war.

awesome sauce
Sorry bro on the 360 still

yeah you need to have competed in the clan war to get the centurion exo, people who just join wont get it

Doesn’t matter if you are :stuck_out_tongue: Clans work for both systems :smile:

I’m leaving my clan since nobody plays other than me anymore.

Invite me Chaotic Typhoon

Ill join a bit later and add me as well. I’ll play more often to help

Sent an invite. I’m trying my best during CW’s I’m the one who won the platinum cw :laughing:

Word I think I joined the right one. Good job man.

Yup you did. It was tough lol this one clan got annoying trying to take my captures lol