AW Leaked!

Its here! check it out on orly and predb!

I have no idea what both those places are.

EDIT: OP are you trolling? There is nothing on Se7ensins or 360iso.

A link would be nice

it will become available everywhere soon, if you got use net you can grab it now

It’s not uploaded it’s just text so it isn’t leaked…

YESSS!!! I have been counting the days for it to go up online! Thanks for the links OP!

You’re clueless, but thanks OP for the links those look like nice sites (bookmarked).

nvm got beat to it ahahah downloading now

Because of this im getting back into the RGH scene lmao im in the process of updating everything now ahahahaha.

I saw someone tweet a photo of them playing AW on PS4 so it’s been a leaked for a while now. At least to me anyways that i know of.

Hidden link? - PC?

Blogspots are almost always fake & virus infected so i’m going to call BS & warn anyone on going further with this link.

go to iptorrents its leaked there :smile:!

NOW ON XBOX360iso.