Awesomesouce Minecraft Roleplaying Server [24/7] New & Survival


Since we just updated the server to 11 players online at MAX, we made us a new world.
Me and my cousin is working on getting it done.
We will release the IP adress when the spawn is done.
We are looking for Builders right now, so please PM me, for info and so…

Hello, whats up Xboxmb people.
I know what you thinking, seriously, i know it, “Another server!?.. wtf…”
Yes, you guessed right there is another server again!!

You may think, well how is this diffrent from any other server?
My answer is, not very much, its couse almost, and i meen almost every server have these mods and stuff, well we have some mods/plugins that no other server have.

Well, since it was my first server i ever made, (i played on other servers, such as Xmbcraft), i dont have the best hosting plan ever, it haves 600mb ram, and 1042 mb brustable ram, server can hold 11 players online, couse im not sure if this will become famous, but i hope people will join, and have a epic adventure!
So yes, this server is fresh new, :stuck_out_tongue: ,
Oh well, its completly new, and all the plugins and needed things are installed into it, so all you have to do is to connect to the ip i will give you soon.
There are now alot of buildings, actully, only two atm, only some people have been on.
Well that was my little info text about the server, now the only thing thats left, is some more info, ip adress, ranks and you to join!

Server Info:

Name: FileCraft
Ram: 600 mb
Brustable Ram:1042 mb
Max players: 11

Owners:Sneeky (ME), Excib
Admins: None
Moderators: NONE
Builders: NONE
Epic: MD_bay, VanZeben


Default Users
This is the default rank, which every member haves execpt the ones who are builders +
Commands for default users:

[details=Open Me]

To get the rank builder, you have to build something amazing, and when we meen amazing, we dont meen, build a cool house, some beds, made of wood, some paitings,
we meen REALLY EFFIN AMAZING, LIKE PANCAKEMIX. Build a amazingly big tower, or a extermly big pixel art, or alot of pixel arts.
Commands for builders:

[details=Open Me]/cloth

  • more[/details]

This is the rank that people get if they donate atleast 10 USD.
they will get all the default commands + some simple donator commands.
This also includes, a custom title, Orange Name.
This will also include 500 $ to your bank account on our server.
With this money , you can buy things, such as infinte blocks, which you cant spawn.
Commands for Donators:

[details=Open Me]
Default commands +
/give + /item

To obtain this rank, you have to get people to join the server, advertise the server on youtube, sites, friends or whatever. You need to get atleast 5 people + to join the server, and they only count if they build something cool, and that they are active for atleast 3 days +
This includes, commands, colored name, and a custom title that sais advertiser.
Commands for advertisers:

Open Me

Default Commands +
250 Gold Blocks

To obtain this, you will have to be a strong, active and helpfull member at FileCraft, you have to help the other staff what they say, and get trusted by the staff team, when you are a moderator, you can do alot of commands, and you have access to staff zone.
You NEED to be a builder to become a moderator.
Commands for Moderators:

[details=Open Me]
Defaults +
/tp, /tphere

  • more[/details]

To obtain this, you have to be a moderator, a strong and active moderator, that does his job perfectly, and gained trust from the co owners + owners.
You have to do alot for the server, to gain this.
Commands for admins:

[details=Open Me]
All commands on the whole server.[/details]

We need everything we can get!
So please consider donating to the server, if you want to buy Epic Rank, you will have to PM me here on XMB.

About the server itself
The server was started and is owned by myself, EXZIB, my ingame name is Sneeky.
The Server Recently Got updated, so our old buildings got removed, we are currently working on a new city.
Feel free to join the server whenever you like.
This is not a cracked server, put that in mind.
We have enough of staff, so dont ask other staff if you can become a staff, we will be start looking for more staff when we get more members.
Our server gets daily/weekly updates, so the server will always be updated,
We have alot of great features, like chest protect, lifts, bridges, gates, ligth switches, 100 % working economy, 100% working ranking system.

Many hugs and kisses from your almighthy iFresh! <3333333
Post in this topic for any questions.


I will join right now.

My username is IAMWIN


Awesome valor, thanks alot (:

lol i just joined. username is the same…why am i falling?

edit nvm it was my internet >.<

Awesomesouce is the best server I’ve played, no joke. <3

Thanks paulo, indeed, this is epic.
Website is being worked on.

yh from what i could access it looked sick, my schools connection is crap though so im going to have to wait until i get home :anguished:


I <3 you to price,


Anyone want to join?

My user name is Randy_Marsh, everytime i try and join it says ‘internel cleint error’

Server is fixed!

Come online and have fun.

I ****ing lol’d.

45 Minutes of me being on the server with Konor and Price.


Someone really needs to give me an account so I can play this ****.

I’ll come play =)

600mb RAM?

That’s what it says on the OP. :smile:
And come on! After Price/his staff being immature, we need more builders. :wink: This could be a good chance for someone to get that builder title… :smile:

devilzdavid - Add me to whitelist

Lmao… Kink, why? Or will you refuse to tell me again?