Axick is Here Folk Come N' Say Hi to Him!

Hello Folk Around World!
My Nick name is Allo ;and I’m from Kurdistan.
I have been playing past three years on PC, Xbox 360, PS2. I was interested in developing Which as Game developing, and Modding, Software, tools developing which i have experience on it but my project and what i have made was just test and experiment. i have made simple Xbox 360 tool, Micros and software’s and developed a game ;and i didn’t released any products.
I know three languages Which as English(UK), Kurdish(Ce), Arabic(IQ) and Developing languages VB, Java, C++, HTML and PHP.
;And I have friends worldwide special from UK and around it, and its modding and gaming Hubs.
I have heard about the XboxMB about two years ago. since i had a Xbox. and i have used for years for fun and modifying files and transfer them from USB to Xbox and stuff!
I’m a Helper of publisher if you asked what i’m doing here and why i was here. i have answered your per-question! I don’t have a direct contact with developer but i had before. I hope contact again soon :smiley:
I love tech and technology!


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Thanks mate!

Welcome to ‘WeMod’ (as it’s now called).

I’m sure you could help people out here, enjoy your stay!

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome! If you ever need help with something don’t be afraid to ask. See you around!

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Thank you. if i needed help, You’re the first person who i will ask help from.