Azura - SoundCloud Edition

Yessir, SoundCloud is no match for Azura. Together, we can all unleash our inner pirate.

Azura - SoundCloud Edition can download and organize tracks from SoundCloud! If you can stream it on your web browser, you can download it with this application.


[details=Open Me]


There are some things that need changing already though. But I’m tired to working on this for right now.


Thanks for another awesome release man.

Edit: Win 8.1 users, may have to right click the .exe, go to properties & unblock before running

You finally got around to releasing it!

I’ve used it for about a dozen tracks so far with no issues.

A+ man. Extra points for making Zodiac’s head spin… Oh, I think I did that.

Really nice program! Keep up the great work.

Only really had one issue:


Hahahah, yeah that’s happened to me before. It’s on account of the rounding I believe, I’ll get to fixing it sometime.

It’s happens to me about 20% of the time. But all is good, file still plays perfectly.

This is what I’ve noticed, if the properties of the file downloaded show the size on disc to be different(slightly higher) than the actual file size(as seen in comparison below) you will see that same difference in Azura when download is complete. Now all files are going to have a larger size on disc bytes wise, but most aren’t going to affect the final size generated by Azura or when looking in properties at only Megabytes. I don’t think there’s actually a problem, in fact it’s telling you exactly how much space it’s taking up on your drive. Whether you change it or not, superb job as we’ve already mentioned.