Back 4 Blood Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I only wish this could work in multiplayer, I dont care about anything other than the skull totems tbh, Maybe ammo rarely but really I just want to be able to buy stuff from the skull store. Number of times have I checked it and sceen a skin or something I really want but don’t have enough skulls.

So, When i press in wemod “Play”, game launched perfectly but wemod said: “We’re having trouble loading the mod into your game. Try restarting the game, or pressing Help for more info.”

tryed restart many times but same error. any idea?

game instantly crashes when i activate insta kill.

(yes, it is in offline mode, and it’s during any campaign runs, haven’t tried other modes)

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Please allow me to change the number of burn cards.

Try manually inputting the launch .exe

Online games are unavailable because your game has an anti cheat violation

You cannot use WeMod and play online. WeMod is only for singleplayer.

Bonjour voilà alors j’y joue sur mon pc en hors ligne avec la vie infinie , les munition infinie et l’endurance infinie et une fois que j’ai finis de jouer , pour jouer en ligne je quitte tout puis j’y joue sur ma xbox series x est-ce qu’il y a un risque de bannissement ?

B4B just went on sale again, but the ‘Unlimited Burn Cards’ set to 999,999 has broken the Supply Lines and I can no longer unlock any new banners or emblems.
Can we please have an option to reduce all the Burn cards back down to 100 or something?

The game does not allow resetting account progress, so I’m stuck being unable to unlock banners and emblems (the offline save overwrites the live service save once you go online).

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Same, the Burn Cards caused the supply lines to be inaccessible. Can the modder add something to have burn cards set to 99 only instead?

Am I able to use this in a private lobby with only friends or will the game get mad with that? I don’t want a public lobby me and my friends just want to go ham and kill stupid amounts of zombies in the campaign with no risk in a private/hidden friends only lobby.

Hi there, it is still considered as online/co-op mode. WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer or co-op game modes. If the mods work in multiplayer it is not intended and we are not responsible for any consequences that may result from using the trainers online.

That genuinly just seems really stupid considering wemod makes mods for dying light and I know literally nobody that doesn’t play that in multiplayer.

Since the version update of 2024.05.15, EAC disable does not work and mod cannot be used…
Is it possible to accommodate this?

No, The trainer has been retired and wont be receiving anymore updates.

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