Baldur's Gate 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The wemod instruction is to begin with playing the game in Steam and once it is going to hit PLAY in wemod. When I enter wemod in game, I get a message to start game in wemod first. So I can’t play the game in wemod.

There is nothing on our end that would be doing that. Please post a screenshot of the message.

Thanks for your response. Sorry I don’t know how to do a screenshot. I copied down each message word for word.

When I started to launch the game from the WeMod app., there was a message to read first: “you must launch the game through Steam then click Play once you are able to move in-game.”

So I launched it from Steam and then when it was running I accessed the WeMod overlay in game and got this message: “to access your mods in this overlay, launch your game from the WeMod app.”

You still need to click play in WeMod after clicking launching the game from Steam.

Thanks again. I was able to load WeMod and access it in game. But the only things that I could set up were EXP MULTIPLIER and EDIT LAST SELECTED CHARACTER. Everything else was off and I couldn’t turn them on.

Does anyone know if there is any problems with multiplayer? I don’t want to play multiplayer with the mods on but wasn’t sure if its like dark souls were you just get banned from online. I will have a modded playthrough and an unmodded play through

The edit selected characters stats mods is not working. I have followed the “Tutorial” on the app, yet had no results.

still working for me, just upped my strength and constitution to 30 (from 16 / 14) to test it

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I must be doing something wrong then.

May you go through what your process is exactly?

what I did is :
Pick character to modify (this case is my main)
switch to another,
switch back,
set values (note in mine they build off 8, so to have a 16 you set it to 8)
and that was it

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I will give it a try, thankyou.

Hey curious will it mess up your game (Dialogue and stuff) if you use the max approval?

No it should be fine it will just be so that you cant really make any wrong answers with your companion

you dont get banned but they will only work for the singleplayer so if another player joins or you join one they will sort of “turn off”

Is it possible to remove the stat changer altogether or perhaps add an on/off button or maybe do it in the same manner like the Aurora app? The major problem here is that after I made changes to some of the characters, I did not even touch the stat changers again but they still change the stats of characters on its own.

This did not happen once but many many times and I’m getting really really tired of changing them back. And that’s if I still have older saves to check on the stats before they changed on their own.

Seriously, if the stat changers are this poorly implemented, might as well remove them altogether permanently if the other options like on/off button or separating them entirely in another tab like the Aurora app cannot be implemented. Saves a lot of troubles and headaches. Seriously.

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It does not work properly. It changes the value I want but also other value. for example, charisma has dropped from 15 to 13. I did not ask for that. Another thing, even if my constitution has been changed to 8 to 17 (i want to play solo), my character still have only 7 PV.

Update: I had to up in order to see my PV to increase according to the new value.

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Hey! Can you add a way to revive non companions?

The stat changers are fine. If you do not want to edit anyone else’s stats, after emplimenting them, just set them all back to “0”. The problem, as it seems according to you, is that you are using it, and then leaving it on, but the changes will take effect onto anyone you change to. Turn them off, and save.

I created my custom, freed the little brain, used him to change my stats, and even got my level maxed from “saving” it. I then turned them off, saved, restarted the game, and did not turn on any stats or XP cheats, and nothing happened to any other character besides my main.

EDIT: Also, all cheats are still working perfectly for me as of today (09/22/2023).
I am using the no launcher trick as well, so it bypasses the launcher, to
save some time. Not sure if this is making any difference for me, but I do
still have Steam loaded prior to launching.

None of the stat changes work at all. I’ve tried on all 3 companions as well as the main character. Confirmed broken trainer I guess?

Stat Changes are still working for me. I just changed Shadowheart’s STR, INT, and WIS to check

Seems that the Edit Last Character stats mod does not work with Karlach if is used as the main character :frowning: