Ban Battlefield 2042

Hello there
I use WeMod for the Long Dark. Then i played Battlefield 2042 with EAC, forget to close WeMod. Now i am banned for no reason (they say cheating) and i search for any possibilities. Could WeMod be the reason?

Without more information, there’s no way of knowing. Could be someone reported you for cheating, and then banned you.

A quick look at the game list of wemod would show you that wemod doesn’t support trainers/cheats for battlefield 2042.


Yeah i know that it dont Support it.
I want to know if EAC could detect is as cheat just for running on the background.

Trainers are generally only detectable by online anti-cheats if you attempt to inject them into online game modes.
By inject, I mean pressing the “Play” button on the trainer to attempt to inject cheats into the memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that a game will normally run from. Otherwise WeMod is usually no more detectable as cheat software than Microsoft Paint is.

Send the game’s support team an email requesting a better explanation or proof of how they suspect you of cheating, as you have no knowledge of doing so, but remain polite and courteous. As someone who used to deal with support tickets for games (and currently manage a team of people who do so), being combative, snarky or sarcastic will make them less keen to assist you and will likely lock your ticket and/or shadow ban you from sending more - they’re paid to help people, not to be your virtual punch bags.

If that doesn’t help, then send their privacy email address (which is a different department from the support team) a request for them to share with you all of the information they have stored on you, under GDPR. :slight_smile:

“Cheating” may also include things like accessing areas of the map you weren’t supposed to access and abusing them instead of reporting them, attempting to break out of the map’s boundaries, XP “boosting” with a friend, and so on. Bear in mind private servers are run by random individuals, not the game’s developers.

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Thanks for your answer. Support is not helping, the just send just copy paste mails. They cant even say me the exact reason. But i will took your advice with the GDRP thing.
I just want to make sure WeMod can not be the reason.
Many people have this Problem Right now just for using tools every Gamer uses like MSI Afterburner or Logitech G Hub. I think they messed up with implementing EAC