Banned from forza 4 storefront

Will there be a way to unbann yourself??

Not likely.

Threads like this is not needed, and you just posted in another thread asking the same question.

At the moment, there is none. There may never be one as Forza 4 flags and bans the entire console, not just the save/account.

Theres your unban if you can somehow get them to unban you pat your self on the back.

Yeah i don’t Believe it will be possible to Get unbanned im banned aswell on Forza 4 But it would be nice if They just Reset all your money and cars and stuff.

There is a Flag string inside the decrypted data of your profile. I’m guessing Horizon’s editor doesn’t acknowledge that.

No it cant be that, i have a few friends that didnt mod money and only put cars up on the auction house and their all flagged right now.

Maybe it’s because it’s first day games still very new give they do t want to see they’re game being abused by all credit modders give it time

I have no idea why these developers care what is done to the game as long as it’s not being used to give a person an unfair advantage in online gameplay. If I want to give myself 3 million credits to buy cars for my own time, why not?

Convince Turn10 that you did what ever the hell you did offline. Hence the reason I modded all mine late at night and played for hours offline to make it believable.

It’s illegal?

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I am banned too is there any way to find out how long for i havent had a email or message from them it was my fault i mistakenly tryed to gift rx7 spirit instead of normal rx7 they sent it back since then cant get on marketplace at all now dont see y cant have modded game dont use in online races or online buying /selling unlocked items i have bought all packs including vip so there not losing money good job theres not another good racing game to compete or my money would have gone on that game