Banned on TA

hey, i want to ask
i have been banned from TA for cheating in some games and 100% games in a single day
appearntly the rule was i was to be banned and never tracked
i want to ask about the feature in this app which changes the Xuid, if i can change this does the account can be modified to looks like a new one or what?
i need help please

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You cannot change your XUID on live servers. That feature is useless without a dev kit or rgh.

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Also please don’t abbreviate games. The only people who will know what you’re talking about are yourself and obsessive die-hard fans of it. Especially considering nowadays a lot of games share the same abbreviations. :slight_smile:


not sure i understand u

what are those?

XDK = Xbox Development Kit

RGH = Reset Glitch Hack

One is a console used for developing games and the other is a modified console that allows you to run unsigned code. Changing the XUID on your profile will just corrupt it without one of those consoles to run it on.

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thanks, guess a new gamertag is the easiest :smiley:

raven means dont abbreviate a game name from whatever the original is to TA because that can be confusing

TA isn’t a game, it’s the website, Trueachievements. Among achievement fans, it is a very popular website.