Banning has begun for level 100s


158 bans so far.

Thanks. I didn’t mod anything on my main, time to check out my other one. :stuck_out_tongue: Also 158 is a tiny number to how many I have seen modding.

well this means they don’t have a system to check any of this. which is good.

but i’m still gonna wait until the next title update.

Yeah i didnt mod my level on my main account. just a secondary. All I wanted was the Beta unlockables.

Just checked my secondary account and its NOT banned yet.

^ There is no way they can do it without any sort of system because it would take sooooo long. My other account hasn’t been banned and I don’t expect it to for a long time.

Only 158 so far? Damn they must be up all night banning people.

Yeah I’m sure those who went level 100 did some of the dumbest things like use the Epic medals or Seriously 3.0 medal. Use this tool to assist with medals and you will gain lots of EXP which in turn you will hit level 100 in no time

Just going to 100 is dumb, their going to be able to easily calculate if you are their legit.

Hopefully I’ll be alright, I just modded horde items and my skin to onyx…well an hour ago I modded the developer skin, but only played in two horde matches for 5 minutes each. lol

De rank myself **** myself xD

I dont think they have a detection method for skins or current medal. It seems like they would have to see it in game with their own eyes. I dont think they would even trust screen caps because of how advanced Photoshop users have become. I still wouldnt run around with dev skins or medals to be safe.

They can’t tell because they were morons and allowed for lvling offline which when done NEVER updates those stats to live.Not even after you login anything played offline only boosts stuff you see nothing on LIVE.Only thing that will ever sync would be lvl so it would be possible to have 0 stats on leaderboards and have lvl 100 legit if you played forever offline.

You just need to mod your stats for campaign/horde that would equal the level if you don’t want them checking your online stats since you can’t edit individual game types yet.

Actually YES they can genius, all your kills wins and losses are recorded in your player data so its just requries them to compare.

I know most fo the morons who leveld up to 100 did not make sure everything was right. Please don’t try.

Player datas get deleted corrupted etc so not really unless they don’t mind banning people who may have cheated.

Shh just go away, you can’t aquire the amount of XP offline in the small amoutn of time to obtain 100 they can see the anomalies. Quit arguing with me dude. Your wrong sorry. They banned people already so whats your excuse or explanation for that…

you go away

Only 158 so far?

if you read his tweet it says 17hours ago

So It Means If You Didn’t Get Banned Then Your Safe…[/u]

The pic’s i saw were bans of the guys who were dumb enough to use dev skins/medals, and not yet released online characters,but if you went 100 if it was me I would roll my lvl down to 70-80 max.