Banning Someone Off Xbox Live For Me Can I Get Some Help Banning A Bully off xbox hes been bullying my friend pls help me with this

So your asking for someone else to help your friend? Why don’t you step up for them and slap this bully with a ban?

It can’t be done. Chris can’t do it. I can’t do it. You or your friend, or his friend, or his friend’s cousin can’t do it.

Maybe try Bully-Busters: Main Office Land Line (860) 373-8630

If chris had the power to ban people from xbox live , there would be no one left ! :grinning:

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I love that he have the HorizonMB link tied to @Chris :joy:

You guys are confused, @Chris is the bully that he wants to ban off Xbox Live.
I second this motion, someone please figure out how to do it and ban Chris. Thanks.

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What is @Chris gamertag? I think if we file enough complaints…


My gamertag is Cheat912

Also how did you find a link to my profile on Horizonmb? That domain hasn’t been used in 3 years.

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