Barotrauma Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i only get crashes if i use any other sub than the starter one.

Update to this:
I crashed when I used Unlimited Air Quality and opened a door to a room that had 79% quality from a room with 100%.

I am using a multitude of mods though, so unsure if that actually plays into part.
I was on the Typhon2 ship and had the options, Unlimited Tools Tank, No Turret Cooldown, and Unlimited Turret Ammo active.

cheats seem to crash wemod client. becomes unresponsive after game closes.

Does the Unlimited Money cheat only work in Singleplayer? I only tried it with friends on host server mode and it did not work at all.

Need update,no working!!!

Doesnt work
crashes every time
turns off cheats automaticaly
more crashes

yes unlimited money works in single player campaing mode games

When will we get an update?