Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Wouldn’t it make sense to add a hint that one shouldn’t upgrade the armor? It’s a bit disappointing that I get killed by one hit as well.

I’ve tried using the trainer and it doesn’t appear to work anymore. Can someone confirm? I’ve only just started the game and saved Catwoman but the unlimited health, upgrade points and maximum combo’s don’t seem to take.

The unlimited health doesnt work for predator challenges.

Hi, my concern is with Batman Arkham City PC (steam)

I used the no weapons cooldown option (numpad 3)

And the cooldown is now infinite (the timer for weapon cooldown never runs out, so I now cannot use my weapons that have cooldown).

I first tried to resolve the issue by verifying integrity of game files, with no luck.

I then tried downloading a save file off the internet and replacing it with my original save, again with no luck.

Then, I tried deleting the entire game and reinstalling it, again, with no luck. My weapons still have infinite cooldown.

I need help resolving this issue.

My biggest issue with this is that without WeMod, the games run at or near 60fps no matter what. But using WeMod during decryptions or crime scene instances, I get as low as 10 fps! Can you PLEASE fix the fps drops?