Batman Arkham City Mod/Gamesave

If its not already on its way out, this would be a nice addition :thumbsup:

Most likely it’s probably will be .


360Haven has a mod tool for free but all it does is mods your xp/level for the 24 upgrade points

Agreed :sunglasses:

there is one out

Batman Arkham City Save Editor

The guys over at XPG got some mods XD

I could upload my gamesave here but it would be kinda pointless…I only have about 800G and 75% overall completion.

why not just enjoy Batman for Batman
He can freeze enemies, grappel from miles away, semi-fly…the list goes on

Looking for help with modding challenge maps medals, specifically predator and the campaign medals. Thanks to Skullkeeper on 360Haven I know how to mod the combat challenge maps but im struggling with these. If anyone can recommend any good time-hex converters I could try for predator maps but the campaigns have me stumped.

A tool or some advice here would be greatly appreciated. Its a struggle enough to do them all as Batman, without adding Robin and Catwoman in there as well (if its the same for Nightwing im going to scream!)