Batman Arkham Origins- 100% save (request)

So after days on end playing I get back on origins and low and behold my 87% game save is gone poof :cry: So as you might realize I am very upset (funny though because words can not describe how upset I am) but anyway if anyone finds a 100% save or something close to it let me know. I would start a new save but I am not in the mood for obvious reasons. So yep, 100% save, let me know, thanks…

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT how dude??? i’m gonna back mine up immediately now
dude, when i get more time and eventually 100% it i shall up it man cuz. might not b for a while tho, but i will remember that u need it

why didnt you BACK UP your save i ALWAYS DO thats why i have no problem so far im 22 percent in the story so far ALWAYS BACK UP SAVES just common sense

Not really, if developers tested games properly, it wouldn’t happen, its a problem with the game itself.

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Exactly I shouldn’t have to back up my save because they should’ve tested for bugs like this before releasing the game.

Well anyway what are your saves at, like what percentage? (Asking anybody)

any luck finding a save?

No luck yet… just trying to find one that was close to mine. :anguished:

I’m only at like 43% unfortunately. Didn’t even finish the game. I’m working on the 15th challenge for the first assignment thing where u gotta get a 50 hit combo without being hit and getting at least a variation of 15, medium threat or higher. Trying to do it before getting to the joker where u fight a TON of inmates in Blackgate. I keep getting hit :anguished:

I know how you feel I was trying to do that challenge too, it’s hard. I was also on the 14th challenge for the worst nightmare track, can’t get past that either.

Yeah, it’s uber tough. IDK where else I could possibly do it, so I’m gonna keep retrying that part til I get it, which means I won’t be able to beat the game til I do so. There’s at least 1 of each enemy type there so I can easily get the 15 variation, just a matter of not getting hit

100% save is not possible atm, u can only get 81/120 of the concept art. In stats, it says my story mode plus is 93% and story mode is 97%. On the whole list, just missing those concept art stuff. Save file is 99%

Thanks for the save, but when I use horizon to transfer the save file it doesn’t show up when the game loads. Am I missing a step somewhere?

did u rehash and resign the save correctly?

From the horizon main menu I dragged the file to the rehash and resign bar and then saved the file, still can’t see the file inside the game.

It has worked for everyone else… only reason it wouldnt is if u didnt enter in your profile info into the save

How do I do that?

load one of your own xbox 360 game saves in horizon (doesnt matter which game), and it will show your profile id, you need to then load my save and enter this profile id in, and then hit rehash and resign

Do I have to copy the console Id and other info as well?

shouldnt need to, but cant hurt

Thanks buddy! Managed to get it to work by just editing the profile ID. The alternate costumes look great!