Battle Brothers crash with wemod

I have a game crash every time i try to use wemod. Without wemod game starts and work properly. This starts after updating windows to 1903 but im not sure. With other 2 games everything fine and wemod works. Any suggestions?


Reading through their forums it’s a general error caused by game mods. Remove any mods you’ve added recently and try again :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing is that i launch completely clear game. I dont have any mods installed.

Only other suggestion would be to verify your game files VIA steam

Already did it. So in my opinion this is because windows 1903. There a lot of bugs and crashes for some reason. Better to install 1803. Thanks for trying to help.

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I’m getting crashes as well, though a different one. I get this message;

As the crash info implies, the game crashes seemingly at random when I activate a skill. Not any specific skill, but different skills each time (I’ve had three crashes in three tries, haven’t made it through a single battle without crashing).

I’ve removed the mod I had installed and verified game files to no avail.