1. Inf Health
  2. Weapons dont overheat
  3. Max Shards
  4. Quick XP gain
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I believe STN already looked into it and it is online only.


Yes it is only online even single player

Guess I shouldn’t of bought it on the pc…

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If you were going to get it anyways I don’t see the issue

I was hoping to see a trainer for it. Since it does have single player mode. That can be played alone.

There is a single player mode but the whole game is server sided. unlike borderlands and how people use to rage at the devs for not having security over hackers for co op and so on now they made it server sided that’s why it would be hard to get a trainer on it :slight_smile:

yea i get why they did that if that is the reason but at the same time you limit who can play it, because as we know not everybody plays with their consoles connected to the internet

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well their target market is online players :slight_smile: and you need internet to get the game ^-^

Console games are usually available on discs.

and not everyone has fast internet.

that to

Or enough bandwidth. There’s a ton of reasons why online-only singleplayer games are a terrible idea.

Of Course and btw Battleborn to me in my opinion is a failure in so many levels and should have been there 4 prequels ago it’s another Borderlands “online” edition so not buying it would save you a lot of money and if you did buy it then it’s not so bad either if you know what I mean.

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Dam i was hopeing for one to as i am stuck on a mission well we can hope LOL