Battlefield 1 Cheats and Trainer for Origin

Says the guy posting a response on a trainer site.

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Tank Health not working anymore… please update and ADD Airplane Health

Tank health crashes the game completly only way to get out of it is too ALT CTRL DEL and end task

The Trainer It doesn’t work well with the game please update

i dont know if its me but this game is crashing all over the place here on singleplayer

Why is the “no Recoil”-Mod gone?

1.-Unlimited Health, no work.
5. Super Accuracy… what does this?

Is this able to be updated??? As a lot of them do not work

ayy man a lot of cheat does not work here, maybe you forgot to update them

Cheats do need an update yeah, only 4 of them work. No recoil, super accuracy, super fire rate and no overheat KIND OF works.
The rest need updating

These cheats work in multiplayer… please try to disable this, thank you!

The mods for Bf1 no longer work for me and the game keeps crashing. I am only using them for single player, the game is running in DX11, I have both firewall and windows defender disabled. I always launch the game and then alt+tab to start the mods. I looked through my computer hoping to find some form of anti virus that may be interfering but there isn’t one. Anyone able to provide any help? Also I’m not sure if this matters but I own the game through Origin.

Just playing with Infi Health hard crashes the game completely it locks up your system for a few mins, please fix

no work