Battlefield 1 (error code 15?)


Is the only game that shows that error? If the problem appears in other games aswell, try to update/redownload Infinity.

i alway have everything updated just this game which i love i dont know if it would be the issue but i have the battlefield 1 game launcher exe blocked in my firewall so it doesnt access the server for battlefield 1 since i only play campaign

Press ctrl+shift+d and see what errors pop up in console or what happens.

Will try it when i get home

@STN heres a screenshot of a portion of the ctrl+shift+d and the log file itself

-1488417949435.log (10.0 KB)

Open command prompt and type icacls . Does it get recognized?

The dll can’t be granted permission for some reason

i forgot to mention it is a cracked version with multiplayer, like the other few cracked games i have i block the incoming and outgoing traffick on all exe launchers in windows firewall for all cracked games i have because i fully intend on buying the game once i get the money later this month or next month but i dont want to get ip banned or anything because origin detects im using cracked version to play the game i dont play multiplayer thats why i have the exe’s blocked in firewall.
the icacls command gave me several pages worth of /help commands and example commands

That shouldn’t be an issue, i think. I’ll tag @frank since it concerns his area more.