BattleField 3 Beta Freezes?

Everytime I start up the downloaded Beta (from diamond section) When I get to the main screen (press start) it fades away then goes black then brings up a screen that says BETA on the top right and a little blue square on the bottom right and then FREEZES

Please help me guys, thanks!

If this has already been posted/solved sorry… Just help me out

anyone? It won’t work.

Try removing it and putting it back on your HDD.

Do I have to set the 000000’s (id’s on the file) to mine? I thought you just put it on and played.

Like go to your HDD, Delete it, Put it back on your USB then transfer it to your HDD or Just open your HDD on Horizon and just inject it back.

Mine works fine and im not sure if its because of the beta but while i was playing BF3 my 360 RROD my screen went distorted and made a weird screaming noise then i went to reboot and RROD fml good job i have like 50 xbox 360s

Quick question… Why???

Pretty much for everything backups repairs sell them on but i mostly save them for myself just in case mine break its good to have backups so many people always moan about getting RROD or getting banned the obvious thing to do is have more 360s especially if you mod things you never know you could get banned tomorrow and then would post it up on here moaning about it :laughing:

happens on ps3 and xbox… was bout to get a triple with nade while they camping mcom through nade…froze…