Battlefield 3 beta players reports "EA Online connection lost" issue

At present it seems like Battlefield 3 beta on Xbox 360 is facing online connection lost issue when players attempt to find a multiplayer game. According to the details Xbox 360 gamers are getting an error message “The Connection with EA Online was lost” as their attempt to find a multiplayer game in the beta. Check out the screenshot given above for the confirmation of lost connection. It has been confirmed that this is a common problem faced by many beta testers, however we are still not sure whether this issues is only with Xbox 360 version or all platforms.


been happening to me since I got it at like half 3. only played 2 games :confused:

I Know how to fix this check my Sig and look at the tut iv done =D

thats because they need to verify their account -_-

I connected perfectly fine, right after I downloaded it.

Beta doesn’t come out for two days on Xbox, so I can’t even play yet. They better fix this.

theres about 5000 threads on how to get it now…

Mine works fine :stuck_out_tongue: Yusss

Mine works perfectly

remember its only EU that can play it tonight and the rest of world on the 29th

No, I’m from Canada and I’ve been playing for atleast 4 hours now.

Why would you think only EU can play the beta now? It’s open to anyone who has early access to the beta (Like when they bought a premium edition of MOH)

Lol. There a lot of issues way worse than that.

It available to those who have keys. Those who got shafted (theres a LOT, apparently) would likely lynch you :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMN! I thought it was over or something so i deleted it! lol