Battlefield 3 God Mod(how to get it)

What is done is when you die, your team-mates revives you and then you don’t press anything you die again and then your mate revives you then accept it them BOOM your in the godmode glitch.

Thanks for this! :thumbsup: Time to be super good at BF3!

Hope it gets patched.

Remove feature=player_embedded& thats just some ****ty code thats not needed. v=wecawe is the video id.

So who wants to go on with me and do this later? lol

I’m sure it will…

It is not working for me, when i revive and he dies again, he just dies

LOL it’s patched.

Did you guys get an update? xD

No we tried it over and over.

Ill do it with someone if it still works ?

I think it was just a one time glitch

just now done it, still works so you guys are doing it wrong

Anyone want to try this with me? :smile:

The was a beeast vids…now I know why…wtf.

You can’t get downed more than once anymore. Second down is a death. :confused:

:cry: I didn’t even have a chance.

Me neither. :confused: I had found a way to kill myself twice with grenades and C4.

It is called pressing start and commiting suicide

This does work, me and UnderCoverUZI Just did it.