Battlefield 4 How to install it on JTAG - Video Tutorial

Hey guys so i made an Video Tutorial how to install Bf4 on your JTAG i hope i help some people out with it leave some feedback if you want :smile:

If people need this then they shouldn’t own a jtag/rgh lol.

I was gonna say that. But you’d be surprised by the questions people leave in the comment boxes of the downloads

EDIT: just watched your video. Would it not be easier to skip the iso2god bit and just extract both disc 1/2 to folders with Xbox image browser. Place disc one with sp on root of hdd and that 0000002 folder in contents or wherever. Instead of having to go to last game?

Video is so long winded its unreal! Its a simple 4 step process!
1: Extract HD content from relative disc
2. Convert both ISO’s with iso2god
3. Use 360 content manager to upload
4. Restart FSD by pressing guide button then Y, and let it scan
Why does it need to be any harder or longer? lol

Does it matter how its working and i just wanna help so no hate kk :wink:

No hate at all man, everyone has there own way of doing things :smile:

Yeah no hate bro lol

I’ve never use iso2god for installing games.

Just as a heads up, I’ve been running into issues regarding this method of it not wanting to download the HD content when playing via GOD format. Not entirely sure why, but it’s not difficult to copy those files manually and transfer them to the appropriate folder.