Battlefield 4 Trainer

oh my bad it said error code 6 now it sometimes says 6 and sometimes 10 only then when the game is on tho

Yeah i don’t think i can help with that. I tagged the trainer author who might know more


I’m not sure what’s going on with that man. Do you have more details as to when that happens?

When i try to start the game it warns that antivirus may cause problem and then i get error 10

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Disable your AV

me too

Hey guys, Battlefield 4 won’t catch ifinity cheats either way I launch the game thru the play button or I launch the game first then I launch ifinity. I’m using the new UI updated version, Holla back when you get the time, 1

Hey @Juillani, can you explain exactly what happens? Do you get an error message?

Okay, Here’s the scenario, I press play to launch the ifinity cheats so it can catch Battlefield 4, a spinning circle rotates for about 3 seconds then it stops and it doesn’t catch Battlefield 4 to inject the cheats, no error messages or anything, take in consideration I’m on Windows 10 Creators Update. Alright I’ll leave you to it, hope you can resolve this problem, again Thanks in advance, Holla 1

Hey guys, I posted this comment about Battlefield 4 over 2 weeks ago, whats da deal???, could ya’ll please respond or give me some sort of feedback on ifinity’s Battlefield 4 trainer, Thank in advance, Holla 1

You could check the console for errors.

file:///C:/Users/Gilga/AppData/Local/Infinity/app-3.0.14/resources/app.asar/output/vendor-bundle-25bc75d038.js, I tried x86 & x64, same error

That is no error.
That’s a file path

which part of the log is the error found in???

Here’s the error message in Battlefield 4 for Infinity: Battlefield 4 error message in Infinity.txt (713.6 KB)

You sure you used the instructions right?
This does not even resemble the console. Apart from the weird text design.
After pressing play in Infinity and it failing to work on BF4 go to settings and press save log. Upload that somewhere.

I don’t even have a clue on how to do this. I need a step by step tutorial on how I send you a log for BF4 Infinity trainer

You could either do what’s written in the post I send about the console there’s even a VIDEO that shows how it works.
Or you could do what I told you to do can’t make it easier but I’ll try.

  1. Start the game and load into the campaign.
  2. Start Infinity select BF4 and press play
  3. Try cheats
  4. In Infinity go to settings and press save log
  5. Upload the log…

Okay here you go, sorry for being a noob: Infinity.log (21.0 KB)