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Battlefield 5 Discussion


So i was on PC Gamer and came across this article any ideas ? would you like to see it in WW1 or would you guys want to stay with more futuristic kinda feel to games now days. I just wanna hear opinions about this idea and how people feel i wouldn’t mind it i’m kinda tired of having to worry about people jumping around and shooting lazers at me. Post below and talk about it !


To be honest. Five years ago I would’ve been pissed off. But it makes sense now. There’s no other pre-modern war games out right now and to be honest, a large scale battlefield game in the trenches with bolt actions? I’m excited about the possibilities. The one thing that would be a game changer for me is if battlefield grew some balls and made it gory. I didn’t like cod:waw but the ability to shoot peoples legs off. Kinda neat. I want that. On huge battlefields with 64+ players. :sunglasses:


■■■■■■■ trenches god people would be in a game for like 2 hours XD


As @Lugnut7 said, it’d be great if they put gore in the game. I’d love to see flamethrowers that you could use to burn out trenches. I don’t know much about WW1 though but I’m interested about Battlefield 5.


As long as its not the same crap like bf hardline, i don’t care which era they set the game in. I loved bf4 and if they can create a game like that minus the launch bugs that bf4 had, its gonna be awesome


Yeah true also i love the launch glitch with the C4 and the bike if they have tanks and bugs like that id die


I am wondering if i can use the wemod trainer in Battlefield 5 online? If yes, will i be kicked?


WeMod will not host or support any cheats or mods that allow advantages (or disadvantages) in a multiplayer or online environment. We are not responsible if your Steam, Origin, Uplay, or other account gets banned, nor are we responsible for any other consequences that result from multiplayer modding.


im so happy with this policy of wemod, in some countries like chin chong superpower is even illegal


What the hell you even talkin about ? Lol
Or like ying yang. This is like 3 years old wow


but christ commented, thats like green card for committing necromancy m8, we have to use the chance

ps: edit: this is what i meant: