Battlefield Hardline only 40$ ( All Consoles & PC) today only

This is a good deal for anyone looking to buy the game and the deluxe edition is on sale for 50$!

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That’s gay, the Xbox 360 delux version is $68.03.
Anyways, OP thanks for the share :smiley:. Picking this up so I have something to do over Spring Break.

Picked up the X1 Deluxe Edition for $54 shipped.

thank you!

Hardline is feckin’ awesome! It’s probably the most entertaining game I’ve played in a long time, apart from the likes of Grand Theft Auto V.

I even took the liberty of purchasing Premium, even though it seems like it’s been a complete waste of money because there’s literally nothing available for Premium members at the moment, apart from a few patches and Gold battlepacks.

Send me a message if you’d like to play Hardline on the Xbox One sometime, lads.