Battlefield V Cheats and Trainer for Origin

I was wondering if you could add money option and a unlock all weapons option???

not working - assuming an update to the game (i think only super speed works).

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hello,the battlefieldV has updated yesterday,and the god mode has some problem.

The trainer God Mode and other options are not working. Can you kindly update the trainer please?

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The Battlefield V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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-Nvm I realised there was an update so I tried it out again and it worked, thx

Hello. Im new and i don’t know what do to cause i opened WeMod and calibrated Battlefield V file i turned on cheats and they don’t work can someone help?

The only things that worked on mine were slow speed, fast speed (both of no use) and possibly no weapon overheating. Nothing else worked. Accuracy is actually worse than without WeMod. Nothing seems to be of any benefit. God mode certainly does not work, health does not work, Accuracy does not work, gadget ammo does not work, no reload does not work, etc…It also does not recognize my game at all even when I put it in it’s original location. I have to play around with it and tell it where the .exe file is located. I think they probably stopped supporting this game and the trainer associated with it.

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lol. no wonder nothing works. Who needs a trainer in campaign mode, the computer doesn’t cheat, it’s in MP where you need something to be able to even play the game since almost everyone is cheating.

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That’s what are trainers are made for campaign / singleplayer use. We dont make these to use in multiplayer but it’s your choice if you want to get banned

It’s what trainers, everywhere on the internet, are designed for. Trainers are single player cheats. They’re not multiplayer hacks. There is a big difference. WeMod does not provide the tools to cheat in online game modes. It’s unfair on other players, plus game devs are suing people who produce online hacks.

Actually, it does. A handful of game devs have admitted it over the years.
More info? Click here.

BF5 has no anti-cheat. Play it and see, but thanks for the advice

No reload works with AI too. Its funny to see enemy tanks just unloading 10 shells a second lol.
But also kinda hard to get by. Everything else works wonderfully.

Well, if they’re anti-infantry tanks then it kind of makes the game more realistic. :laughing:
Anti-infantry tanks back in the game’s set era would be able to rapid-fire several shells from an autoloading magazine and then take a god-awful long time to reload.

If they’re anti-tank or main battle tanks though, then yes it’s a bit silly. :laughing:

Would you be able to add the easy kills to your mods or does it not work?

Could you please add invisibilty to the trainer

Hi, first time user and running into a very trivial roadblock…
I’m trying to have fun with these cheats for singleplayer mode but Battlefield V isnt’ showing up under my list of “Compatible Games”…

If I search on the app for “battlefield v”, it shows up under category “NOT INSTALLED”…

Hi, only some of the features are working now, godmode does not work and many others. are you able to update the trainer ? thanks !

Tested the cheat and Recoil, bullet time and Super speed is the only hacks working online.

WeMod does not deliberately provide cheats that work online.
Trainers are intended for single player games, no matter where on the internet you get them from. This is common knowledge.
You will be banned in the game’s next banwave for attempting to use a trainer online.