Battlefield V Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Bro you should make hacks for EA bc i dont have battlefield on steam and other people prob use EA

Why the cheat automatically disable after i click it? Such as God Mode and Unlimited Ammo

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Hi we need a update please

Hey. I know I might be a little late but I’m wondering if “Stealth mode” is an option as a cheat?

Same here… It immidiately turns off.

wemod doesn’t detect my BF5 (EA, Origin) please help

I tested it and only recoil control, infinite ammunition (gadget) and improved accuracy work.
The rest doesn’t work. Am I using it wrong? Does everything work for you?

super speed working on online matchs? not to me.

Only Super Speed, Bullet Time and Better Accuracy work. Rest just toggles off. Same case in BF1.

None of the mods work in BF5 due to the new anti-cheat! Before this only better accuracy and low recoil worked.

Are you trying to play multiplayer? BF does not have anti-cheat in single-player.

It must talk about multiplayer because it is two function work in multiplayer

The old version is no longer available. I hope the developer will update the latest version as soon as possible.

The Battlefield V cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

I try to just load in to multiplayer after playing single with the mods still on and it disconnects me from online do you know how to fix not being disconnected.

WeMod is not meant to be used in multiplayer, None of our trainers are for multiplayer.

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Click Play to launch the game from the app, and the prompt “There is a problem loading the game with the modifier function”


The instructions for using the trainer have been updated. EA has added their own anticheat and you must delete files now to ues the trainer.

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Lost connection after entering the game for about 2 to 3 minutes! I hope you fix it soon. :smiling_face_with_tear:
p/s: I enter the game through the EA app