Battlefield V

Hello i have question i download WeMod application into PC i have Battlefield V and i wanan cheat in this game in multiplayer. im lazy to purchase that hacks…im asking because when i choose trainer by MRAntifun and i toogle all options there like godmod payers still can kill me or my ammo isnt unlimited. just limied as i carry by normal. Thanks. Why it doesnt work in MP?

Trainers are never designed to work in multiplayer. Deliberately making cheats for online games would be an excellent reason for every single affected major video game developer to take WeMod to court to claim millions in damages.

Trainers are only designed for single player games. And WeMod does not condone cheating online, because you are ruining the experience for other players rather than just yourself.
You’ll also either be banned for cheating online, or, the new strategy used against online cheaters is to permanently limit them all into their own private server so they are only playing against other cheaters (thus nullifying the cheats).