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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hey so I just wanted to say thanks for the update… it’s working amazingly, I haven’t had any issues at all

I will recommend others not to use the unlimited skills (as they don’t all fit) also actually applying all the skills causes an issue where resetting cool downs stops working (just to let you know)

However as mentioned by @Botchuloz there is one mission where it doesn’t work (as in non of the abilities) I paused and reopened infinity, everything but it didn’t work… I think this has something to do with the ship “repairing” or something otherwise I had no other issues… thanks again


currently on last campaign mission and nothing takes any damage neither abbadon or his other ships.




I tried using the Unlimited Crew Points, spending a point adds a single point to all my other ships and claims to add “29,631,38” points or something (that’s all that is visible) to the ship in question, but none of those points can be spent and if I pay for reconditioning I can’t respend the points I lose either.


I think this needs updating


Same problem as Ultimatt, the unlimited crew points option just doesn’t work properly. Even on ships where you have 2 or more crew points if you spend any points on crew skills it sets the crew skill number to a ridiculous number and you can no longer spend points.


Using unlimited crew points gives millions of points that you cant use and this seems to affect some ships for all of my saves. I had to start a new campaign thanks a lot.


Just reporting a big of an issue with the crew points, its broken. It gives you way too many points and thus you can’t use them, any chance for a update so it give you around…I dont know 10 points or so, or maybe something to add individual points?


Not sure if this is still being looked at, but the Unlimited Crew Points thing is broken. It gives you too many and it makes the game think you have none, and it will stay at that number forever. Is there a way to fix this please?


It hasn’t worked properly for over a year mate. Don’t expect a speedy fix :frowning:


when is game going get updated? the some of mods are not working.


Yeah Also When Will The Sequel Battlefleet Gothic Armarda 2 Be ready To Be Requested?


I’ve put in the request for it to be added :slightly_smiling_face:


How would / can one vote for an update for this game, as the game version is correct , not prompting the vote for update?


when is battlefleet gothic armada going get fix and is anyone going to mod the battlefleet gothic armada 2?