Battlelog is Back Up! Can you Sign In?

I can’t. Will try in the morning though! Battlelog / Sign in to the Open Beta

Is it legit or will i get a lot of email spam??

Its the same site I used for the Alpha.

You wont be able to log in until you redeemed your key on Origin…

They are sending out codes 7 AM central time so wippeee :smiley:

proof they said that?

someone on the forums said they were getting 70-100fps on medium settings with a 550ti, and on high 30-40fps O___o

4am PST!

pacific FTW.

I don’t see why you would be able to log in…
You need a key assigned to your account, so trying to sign in is pointless…

I think some people in AU already can login. so maybe they can and others can’t because of time. so. I think its point-full lol if thats a word.

Either way they’d know they could sign in because they redeemed a key.

WTF is a key and how do i find it? I created an Origin account so i can get battlelog but i cant log in. what is the key?

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