Been restricted from using Horizon? Look here!

Hello, if you are reading this it probably means you have been restricted from using a tool for a certain amount of days.

The restriction message looks like this.

Now the restriction can vary for example mine was for 6 days. I have seen people been restricted for 3 days, 6 days, a week, 1 month.

Now what exactly causes the restriction? When you try to mod more then 3 profiles or 3 saves. You may ask well WHY in the hell do i get restricted for something i PAY for? This is what zrueda said.

Horizon doesn’t restrict on the amount of uses, but the amount of profiles used in it. If you feel you were wrongfully restricted, you can always contact us and we will be happy too look into it for you. (A lot of the time we will lift the restriction!)

Alright, lately we’ve been having a problem with Diamond members modding saves for people who are not Diamond, and posting modified saves for download. This is a bad idea. It’s cool if you wanna mod a save for a friend of yours or something, but if you mod saves for too many people you will get a warning. If you ignore the warning your Diamond will be revoked. If you publicly post modified saves your Diamond will be revoked. You have been warned.

Oh, and we’re watching you.

Well that’s a very good question, the horizon devs implemented a restriction so people couldn’t offer or sell diamond services.

Now, how to resolve the restriction.

Post in the ATS (Ask the Staff) here and they will help you remember they have the right to revoke your diamond subscription if they find that you have been modding a massive amount of other peoples profiles.

Also, remember this you can mod ALL the profiles you please as long as they where made on YOUR personal console!

Big Brother is Watching You!

This will most likely get a sticky.
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Don’t tell people to PM a staff member when there is already a sticky that says otherwise.

Also, the support thread briefly covers this. Maybe TMS can just tweak his.

Not like this topic will help anyway since no one searches anyway lol.

Restricted for 6 days :cry:
Now maybe we wont see so many threads about this.
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Great Thread Michael.

This will help people who are/have been restricted a ton.


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Yea happened to me : (

i have 2 consoles(retail) and a jtagged console on my room with over 15 xbox live accounts, and i have been restricted to, but it doesnt really hurt me cause i can wait till the restriction goes away. but it will be much better if there were a better solution for this since i dont really mod the xex’s and i like to mod the saves on jtag and reatil for my accounts.

You are wasting the amazing potienal the jtag has.
Why do you have so many accounts?

i have many for modding purpose, i dont like modding my main account.

Don’t forget, no sharing Diamond Accounts either!

really angry 24 hours to unrestrict me otherwise im quiting this payments ****

I got restricted from Halo: Reach credit editor because i was modding a few of MY accounts 2 minutes after i went diamond please help.


Please follow the thread instructions.


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