Been using the app for months and now its telling me I need to pay "Again"?

I emailed support a while ago & still waiting for a reply, I have direct debt coming out of my bank every month so there is no issues, When I try and play Borderlands 3 the app tells me I need to upgrade to use the mod…WHY? is it my end or yours? I have tried to re-pay the money but it wont let me as the email is paid upto date? The money left my account several days so this shouldnt be happening…Need to know whats going on please.

Please take a screenshot of WeMod with the error and post it here

Hi here is the Screenshot. its working now via the F keys but still showing that I need to pay for pro and when I hover over the cheats it says ive to upgrade?


You sure your signed in to the correct account . Dont even show pro in picture ?

I sure am and im using the cheat now…

You are not signed into the correct account. You haven’t logged into “RTX2080OC” since 10-21 in WeMod. You are signed into the account “LocalDolphin32”

Err ok I’m not sure how this happened?? I used my correct email. let me check thanks

OK, Sorted! for some reason it didnt log me in a couple of hours ago and logged me into a temp account but I was allowed to use the app somehow??

Sorry for this guys and thanks.