Best game mode whilst using Double XP?

Well, Michael (the sexy beast) was generous enough to give me 3+ hours of Double XP for Modern Warfare 3. I was wondering which would be the best game mode for levelling up whilst using Double XP? I was thinking along the lines of Kill Confirmed and I continuously plant Tactical Insertions and then have an enemy kill me, that would give me a total of 500 XP every time I picked up my own dog-tags.
Search and Destroy is a waste of time in my opinion, you have one life and if you die you have to wait a couple of minutes until the next round begins. This meaning you’re losing Double XP time when you could be playing a better game mode.

I would like to know what everyone else here at XboxMB plays with their precious Double XP time.

Also, if anyone would like to boost with me then feel free to message me and we’ll go onto Kill Confirmed.

Gamertag - Alternate

Thanks a lot.

Team confirmed

Team Confirmed.

But if your good at search & can average 8+ kills a game… then that’ll rank you up the quickest.

Any game you are actually good at… lol.
Anything will earn you 10k+ exp per round when you’re good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i am a sexy beast anyways Kill Confirmed Trust me.

That’s true although I was playing Search and Destroy earlier today with my Double XP and I was continuously killed by the same try-hard running around the map and others who were camping in corners attempting to achieve large kill-streaks. That put me off of playing Search and Destroy because if you die in the beginning of one round then that’s 2 minutes of your Double XP time gone already.

probably kill confirmed with the “specialist” strike package, on another note, i’m pretty sure if you’re playing s&d and you die, you’re not losing xp time while in spectator mode, you only go through xp time while alive, and if you play a game, any type, and don’t get a kill, you don’t lose any xp time

Team Confirmed but also run Specialist Perk with Hardline

Specialist + Hardline + Tryhard SMG + MOAB = easy XP

I berieve in you!

(Invite Rhxme, no mic, mw3 controller is ****ed)