Best Gaming Monitor For Under £200?

Hey guys been looking for 2 24" monitors one for my PC which I don’t game on and the other for my Xbox One so I don’t need to spend serious money on top of the range stuff. I’ve been looking and have found quite a lot but I’m not sure which is the best for my money.

I have been looking here:

Here is a couple I’ve found which seem good.



Just wondering if you guys had any suggestions so I can get the best product for my money.

Asus VG248QE hands down. Amazing monitor for how cheap it is. Chris, InstinctMods (I think), and I all have it. It’s very good for gaming but it is 40 above your price judging by Amazon. If you can spare the cash get it, it’s very worth it. Plus it’s 144hz unlike the other monitors listed, unless I missed it because I didn’t see anything regarding the hertz.

Would that make any difference for just gaming on the Xbox One?

Welp misread that. Nah it wouldn’t unfortunately. Thought you were on PC for some reason. Any of those monitors should do fine. Sorry lol.

No worries dude, thanks for the response. Which would you say the first or second one?

I’d go with this one:
Mainly because of the lower response. Either will do fine though.

nevermind, read question wrong. RIP.