Best World At War SVG Mod Menus

James321-1887 Super Svg ModMenu:James321-1887 Super Svg ModMenu - YouTube
MasterModz v10:Cod Waw MasterModz V10 Usb Mod Menu DOWNLOAD - YouTube
Walkenero:World at War SVG Mod Menu - ONE savegame - YouTube
jake000001111’s:jake000001111’s Scrolling SVG Menu - YouTube
Tiggis:Tiggis Scrolling Menu V3 Single Svg - YouTube
MaxxSand:TTG_MaxxSand Scrolling Menu V3 - YouTube
InFeRnAl:InFeRnAl Mod Menu SVG V2.5 ( With Download ) - YouTube
GMT:WaW GMT Mod Menu v1 (ONE SVG) + Download link - YouTube
Sickism v4:[RELEASE]Project Sickism v4 Scrollable Mod Menu(Single USB SVG) - YouTube
MasterModzv11:New Waw BEST SVG EVER MOD MENU {USB DOWNLOAD!!!} - YouTube
ToxickxMoDz:New MoD menu SVG WaW Download Link ! XBOX 360 USB - YouTube

These are all one them I found so tell me some or i will try to find some more

So is this helpful :smile:

[video][/video]To keep your thread clean I would recommend using the [video][/*m] and [details=Open Me][/*spoiler] tags (Without the *). Also I have no idea about WAW mods anymore, so I couldn’t say it is useful or not yet.

ok i will try to fix it

Wait are you able to have mod menus online via gamesaves?? I’ve not been on waw for a loonnnnggg time.

Yep :smile:

Complimenting yourself in your own thread. Wut.
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Pretty cool. May pick waw up again just to mess on it with these mods :smiley:

can u make a tut on how to get the mod using horizon i tried looking up a vid on it but it never says to rsume the game