BestBuy Slips Price For Xbox 360 Version of Minecraft

BestBuy has slipped the price (and possibly the release date) of Minecraft for the Xbox 360. Not only does it appear to be coming in disk format, it also looks like it will be selling for a whopping $60, as opposed to the PC version which costs only $20. The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is a great alternative for those who don’t have a fast enough PC to run the PC version. Little else is known about the console version of the game, other than the fact that it will have Kinect support. The BestBuy link can be found here:


So its a full game and not indie anymore?

I’m sure it’s not going to be $60… There is no way in hell they’re gonna charge more for a ported game that has less options than the original…

I know right, If it really is $60 it better have some f***ing impressive new features.

Definitely not worth $60

I second this.

It will suck too for the reason of not being able to have
mods like PC.


Surely it can’t be 60$?

If that is right it’s a very high price considering that it won’t have as many features and mods as the pc version that cost’s 20$.

I can only hope that this is false.

i clicked on details and it said 12/31/2011 for its release but i dont think thats correct

I think it is. I mean why not charge $60 when they know people will still buy it. I don’t think best buy would put it up with a price if they didn’t have a confirmed price.

$60 is ******ed. Honestly make the app a sign in feature for those have purchased it through the computer and also allow those who havent to create a account and purchase it. Simple, but the world is greedy and more than likely it wont happen.

I already see a mod tool for this.

HEY! Listen!

Can Arcade games even charge this much?

Since it’s going to be released on disc. Yes. I don’t even think it would be considerd an “Arcade” or even an “Indie” game by MS anymore. So they can charge whatever they want. As for the game itself. I don’t even think it’s worth $20 on PC. I wouldn’t buy it. (And I buy just about every game I can, no matter what the price.)

Didnt Notch say it was going to be an arcade game?

It’s just a placeholder. Calm down.

$20 was a little high in my books for a game like this. I would say $15 was the right place. Now they can deffinately release official mods but player mods would be impossible. Honestly if you bought it for the PC I would say they should have a free download for the Xbox.

i believe if you bought minecraft, then you should not have to pay for it for xbox. that is just BS

$20 for the game, $40 for the disc.

So you’re saying that if we buy a game on the PC and it’s available on the xbox, we should get an xbox version free? Yeah, that’s just not the way things work.

I do, however, recall me agreeing that when I purchased Minecraft back in the Alpha that I would get all future versions for free. So I’m still waiting to see what’s to come of that agreement. I very highly doubt that us Alpha players will get anything special, but one can hope.