[BETA] Resident Evil HD Remastered Save Editor

So guys i thought i would like to share this that to good member over at 360haven has already cranked out a RE Mod tool and i do not own any rights to this tool it is make by “Philymaster” so link is below so hope you guys like and enjoy.


I have also used the tool and so far so good. you can change Time played/Health/Times saved/ and also you can Mod the item box
also as said before he said it and i gonna say make sure you Back up your save cause he said it still in Beta and report bugs to him.

:slight_smile: thanks for the post

Ya also sorry for the little bit of the misleading title forgot to put Save Editor in the title

The best part about this is that it is still in “BETA” stage, so it will be even better.

You can change the title. I didn’t know about that either until Chris said so in another thread. Double click next to it in the section it’s posted.

When he goes to edit the thread he just needs to click, “Go Advanced” and he could change the title there.

Oh ya love that its beta hope to maybe see a GDP tool or something along the lines and i knew this tool would be made soon it was high demand…and i will see about fixing title when i get home can do this on my phone while at work lol

Click ‘Edit Post’, and then click on ‘Go Advanced’ and you can edit your title man. It’s that easy.

Even easier, double click just to the right of your thread title.

[details=Like so forget the right half of the screen]


Cool ty i will fix title when i get off work in a hour