[BETA] SaveVault - Online Save Sharer

Woot another part of the code.


SaveVault is a online and simple to use Save Sharer.

With SaveVault you easily upload your favorite saves to share with the world.
There is no hassle in downloading and installing an program on your computer.
Just register, activate, login. And you’re set.

Uploading saves has never been so easy. Just drag and drop your save.
and it will start uploading. It will also instantly fill the Game Title and Title ID.

SaveVault is displayed using Javascript and AJAX to make it the pages load very fast.
The save page has been laid for simple usages. You can easily like a save that you love or make a comment saying how you like it.

Currently SaveVault is in Beta. You can now come and check it out here. If this becomes popular then I may create a new domain for it but as of now it will say as a sub domain. This has been my biggest and longest project that I have ever done. Please if you stop any errors or problems please let me know.


sgt frankieboy - Creating the thread.
JoshuaT - Creating the Reading of Game Saves

Looks Awesome, especially the post :wink:

Amazing Job Dave!

Awesome work on the site, love the layout.

really love the look of this site. very clean

nice job!

I found a little bug.

I really like this though. The website looks very clean and professional.

I keep getting this.

Yeah, the first few people who was testing for me have messed up join dates. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know what to tell you, I am changing hosts soon so hopefully you will be able to connect then.

Found a Bug:

Well made, nice job.


Might be another bug?

Are those suppose to be there? lol

I love the layout!

Also the text is messed up of it is long.

Very nice, Good Job!

Edit: I’m going to upload tons of files :wink:

What page and what did you do?

Made the font size smaller. :smile:

Nice site. I uploaded a couple of things.

Is this a SVG?


When I downloaded it, it just says its a “file”.

Very, very well done Dave.

Excited to see where this project goes.

If you ever need any help i’ll be glad to assist you.

The key does not match the username when I try to activate my account. Yes Everything is right.

When the person uploaded it, there was no file extension so I don’t think so.

Thanks. :smiley:

What is your username?