Better 2 years late then never? 不

Name / Gamertag / Username:
Xufiie, Xufiie地nd Xufiie
Pronounced Zoo-fee

Gaming Platform(s)
Predominately PC, but I also have a Switch, PS4, and Xbox One地nd a 3DS somewhere, still looking for it.


Well dang, theres too many. At the moment, Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, Hogwarts Legacy, Wizard101, FFXIV, Stardew Valley and, once Lightfall drops, Destiny 2 will drag me back to hell.

Genre wise, I play a little of everything, except sports games. And horror games, unless requested on stream, my anxiety cant take much :laughing:

My favorite genres though are RPGs, Simulations, FPS, and MOBAs.

Past modding experience

Not a mod creator, but a very active mod user. Most notably with the Sims 3/4, Skyrim, ESO, Stardew Valley, and Fallout.


Painting, though its impossible to paint in my current housing situation. Waiting very impatiently to move into my own place some time this year. Also, cuddling with my cats (obligatory cat tax pic).

Why you joined / Where you heard of us

匈 joined in October 2020, I have absolutely no clue how I found WeMod. I do know why I joined though. I play games for enjoyment/story. Life already kicks my behind on a regular basis, I dont need games doing that either just cause I suck at them. As long my experience doesnt affect anyone elses (aka those in online games), who cares.

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Welcome to the community, for two years ago. :wave::smile:

Thank you for paying your cat tax. So many people around here are so far behind on cat taxes, right @Veloxia? :man_facepalming:

Are we allowed to know the cats names? Or see a painting or two? :smiley:

Were all here because we suck at games. Anybody here who says they dont is clearly a liar. :joy:

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Of course. Shade is the darling on the left, named after his shaded half moustache (and he is also a little shady turd most of the time xD), and his extremely clingy mamas boy brother Skyler is on the right.

As for a painting, this is my most recent one. Made it around early November of last year with the new acrylic art set my sister gave me for my birthday. Cant wait to make more once Im settled in and can put my easel up again!

Beautiful cats, lovely cat names.

But oh my lord, that painting is so good :open_mouth: ! Id love to see more once youre settled in! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! That is the goal, if the cats let me at least. Unfortunately, both cats love demanding attention when I try to do anything but gaming地nd sometimes when Im gaming as well xD