BF3 Co-Op Boosting *TUT*


Hey XMB, Back again for another thread.

Heres how to boost your score on Co-Op for those multiplayer weapons.


Step 1: Find a friend to do this with, those Nomads wont work.
Step 2: Complete all missions of Co-Op with or without a friend
Step 3: Start ‘The Eleventh Hour’ on EASY and run through, and disarm the bomb.
Step 4: Get out of the Metro Station and run up to the police cars.
Step 5: DO NOT GO PAST THE POLICE CARS or STAND next to the Police officers.
Step 6: Keep killing the enemies spawning in the building and each kill is 100points (Approx).

You can run back into the metro to re-fill your ammo :wink: - Thewolf in chat reminded me :wink:

After a while you should go and finish the mission, this will bring up the score and time it has taken you.

Heres proof of it working…

Taken from iPhone 3GS

329+299 = kills with 40minutes played 68400 score.

Dude sweet imma try this in a little bit.

Thanks bro, gana use the f*** outa this. Maybe I should release my dog tag glitch to use any right side dog tag.

does this work for multiplayer servers, like if u rank up on co-op, will it rank u up on multiplayer to?

You do not rank up by doing this. You only get score for the multiplayer weapons that you unlock.

Doing this right now with Theone :smiley:

so it will rank ur weapons then, can u unlock new weapons from this?

You will get banned. Don’t complain when you do… Also can you people not play any game legit? Whats the point in paying £40 for a game your not gonna get the full experience out off.

How is that stupid in any way you’re the stupid one for boosting.

Seriously, your tolling every thread and everyones comments all the time. Just dont come on my threads and post… its annoying.

Plus its user preference, just like modding, YOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT. But you do. Ban is a ban, they are all the same. If it doesnt effect you then why express your opinion on something that is helpful for everyone else.

do you NEED to have someone else with you?

For co-op ? Yes im affraid so. Otherwise you can’t play co-op! <3

yeah, that was a derp question… I forgot. xD

Takes around 3hours straight for 4-5 unlocks. This is by far the easiest method for getting the guns.

anyone wana do this with me on on the 360

I can vouch this works amazing! I unlocked 2 weapons with 5 minutes of boosting! I did it again for 10 minutes and gained 30k points and 4 more weapons!

Also Hybrinity can you take a picture of the best spot to shoot? Or is it just behind the cops on the street…

Sure ill get the best spots and ill update the main thread with some more information…

Your requests are what im made for :wink:

My friend & I do “Hit & Run” in about 5:10 & net about 12900 points everytime. So in 41min we net around 103200 points.

& We don’t have to worry about getting banned.

Okay, well firstly nice work. Secondly you can not get banned for just playing the game and killing enemies which spawn… sooo… yeah.