BF3 Problems?

Whenever I go to play online it joins a game, black screen then ‘The connection with the EA online was lost’ message comes up. Anybody else got this?

same with me

are you on xbox?


EA is having problems with servers right now (nothing new…). Wait a while and they should be up.

Common problem with EA’s dedicated servers on consoles.

Where do you even download it? |:/noob

redeem youre code that they sent you, just follow the instruction in the email!

I’ve gotten into like 3 games so far on PC.

Check out my Topic in my Sig that will help you =D

That topic honestly doesn’t work, you probably got lucky with it, its just being able to connect to the server in general. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, but I tried your method 3 times and it didn’t work, restarted the beta and got in perfectly fine, its all about luck.

Yes it does work… your Probably doing it wrong because its worked for me and about 10 other people and all the people that looks at the post saying thanks =S Soooo… who is doing it Wrong ? :confused: :laughing:

edit - Your meant to Restart the beta for it to load =S

I did it exactly how you posted it. I went to mine it said connected loading feed then I waited 15 minutes, nothing happened, so refreshed just to be safe, went got some food, came back nothing. I tried to go into multiplayer and didn’t get it.

If anything the only reason it works is because once you are connected to the servers getting into multiplayer is easy and quick. Going straight to multiplayer it will stop trying to connect eventually whereas the feed doesn’t. Thats my guess at the only reason it could work, but its certainly not the only way to get connected because I’m connect now just fine. Its not like a secret way to get into multiplayer or anything like that.

EA always has server problems whenever a game is released, why should bf3 be any different?

if its not the ea account thingy rebooting the beta works everytime for me…