Bfme2 and rotwk doesnt work

Firstly sorry for my bad english and secondly when i try activate the trainer this is doesnt work idk why. When i click some cheat and one sound coming like “boggh” i dont understand how can i fix it this thing? Ty for help and sorry for this language :slight_smile:


Firstly, please do not abbreviate games. With many of the millions of games in existence these days sharing the same abbreviations, only you and die-hard fans know what you’re talking about.

  1. Where did you buy your games from, or did you crack them?
  2. What error message do you get?
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The game is Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Rise of the Witch King, Dont buy this game anywhere so i download from t3a. Error is when i turn cheat on automatically turn off idk why

Trainers at WeMod are made and tested for the vanilla versions of the games bought from an official store. If you’re using a copy downloaded from an unofficial source, we do not offer any guarantee that the trainer works flawlessly with it.

Make sure you are not attempting to use the trainer in any multiplayer modes.
You can also try launching the game first and loading your save. Then pause, alt+tab to WeMod and press Play.

For first thing, i was download Battle for Middle Earth 1 from t3a and this is working but other games doesnt work if t3a had a problem i guess trainer not work with first game

I have the same problem the trainer won’t work.
ps I’m using the 2.02 patch
Another thing, dear moderator this game can’t be bought from anywhere nowadays.
Can you please fix the trainer so it can work?

Trainers are only made and updated for the retail versions of games. We do not support games that aren’t downloaded or purchased from official sources.

We are aware the game can no longer officially be purchased, and there is nothing we can do about this. Consider reaching out to platforms like GOG (Good Old Games) to share your interest in them picking up and selling retail versions of this game in their store.